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Avis Olbia Airport

In Sardinia public transport like busses and train is available for the passengers but none of them will be useful to you like the Avis Car Hire Company is, because the public transport is not so reliable and so plentiful like the Avis Company. In order to visit the Roman settlements, the historic houses, the mountain villages, the castle ruins and other ancient monuments it is recommended to reserve a car and you go anywhere in Sardinia and the Avis information staff can tell you the best locations.

If you plan to reserve a care in July or August you should book well in advance because those are the most crowded months. Booking online is the best option because it`s the cheapest one and you can do it way before your trip. Passengers who want to hire a car from Avis they should contact the company online or by telephone.

Avis Car Hire helps you to save money for your trip by offering cheap cars, fewer than 35 euro /day. The cheapest cars are Fiat Panda, Ford Fiesta or Fiat Punto and their price is under 35 euro, and they belong to the Economy class. Avis car hire has a large amount of vehicles which will offer you a great vacation in Sardinia. On the coastline there are some great roads that will offer you wonderful views on the blue Mediterranean Sea.

If you want to experience some more driving power and more space you can rent an Audi A3 with 5 doors, air conditioning, CD-player and enough room for 5 passengers and 3 pieces of luggage. The 5 door Renault Scenic with manual transmission belongs to the Intermediate category and it can offer you space for 5 travelers. The needing of power and speed can be satisfied by the BMW 3 Series which can be offered by Avis and it has room for 5 passengers and 3 pieces of luggage. Families which are travelling or groups of friends can rent a For Galaxy 2.0 which has room for 7 people, and if they need bigger space, they can try the Opel Vivaro which has enough room for 9 people. Avis Car Hire is a great car hire company which can give you a large variety of cars for every pocket and for every traveler. Their car variety is so big, that you can rent convertibles, which will make you look chic and grant you an unforgettable experience.