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Olbia Airport Buses

Olbia Airport`s passengers are taken by busses on the lines number 2 and 10 to Via Gabriele D`Annunzio in Olbia town, where is located the train station. From this station tourists can book on the Green Train which makes a scenic tour of the island, or they can get into trains that go to Oristano, Golfo Aranci, Macomer, Cagliari or Sassari.

The majority of busses are operated by ARST and they link Sardinia`s villages and towns. ARST is represented in town and cities by bus stations, where are situated the major drop and pick up points. You can buy buss tickets from the airport, bus stations, tobacconists, bars and newspaper stands near the bus stations. Bus line number 2 leaves at 7:30 am from the airport and its first stop is in Olbia town. After that, it continues the services at a 30 minutes interval until 8 pm. On the weekends, the buss line number 10 does the work and it starts at 7:30 am and it continues until 7.15 pm with intervals of 45 minutes.

Line 2 busses go from Olbia Airport and they travel via SS 125, via Poltu Quadu, Via Mameli, Via Roma, Via Vignola, Via Sangallo, Via Gramsci, and Via San Simplicio to Capolinea Base. The return journey starts at Capolinea Base at 7 am and it lasts until 7.55 am and after that it continues with 30 minutes intervals until 7.30 pm. Line 10 busses go from the airport to Poltu Quadu, SS 125, Via Roma, Via Regina Elena, Corso Umberto and than back to Poltu Quadu and than to the airport.

Passengers can also go to towns situated at a long distance from the airport like Cagliari, by buss. TRUMO Travel busses leave from Plazza Matteotti in Cagliari at 5.40 am and they arrive to Olbia at 10.25 am. During the journey the buss stops into a few small towns. Olbia Airport busses travel all day to a large number of places, but the problem is that they are available only until evenings. After that you can hardly find a bus to take you anywhere place and you might get stuck into a location till the next morning.

Travelling by bus is cost efficient but it won`t be available for you 24/7. Another great advantage about bus travelling is that you can find tickets everywhere, even in local bars and paper stands.