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Olbia Airport Parking

Olbia airport can offer 1079 parking spaces and 40 of them are for visitors with disabilities. The parking is supervised, and for a small amount of money customers can leave their car for long or short term if they pay at the exits or the parking fee machines.

The parking machines are very easy to use, because they give you onscreen instructions after the parking ticket was inserted in the slot. You can pay with coins, credit cards or with notes of maximum 50 euro. For the first hour the customers pay 2 euro, if the car sits 2 hours they have to pay 4 euro, for 3 hours they are charged with 6 euro and after that each hour is charged with 0.50 euro. Olbia airport parking made some great offers for long term parking: the first day costs 16 euro, two days cost 26 euro, three days 34 euro and after that the customers will be charged with 3 euro per day.

After you paid the parking fee, you must leave the parking spaces in 20 minutes which is enough time to grab a snack in the terminal building. To tempt people to buy from its shops, airport gives free parking for anyone who buys anything from the shops inside the terminal building. Olbia also created monthly season tickets for residents and non-residents. The non-residents tickets are much cheaper than the residents tickets. Parking spaces are divided into three sections: zone A with 454 spaces, zone B with 457 spaces and zone C with 168 parking places.

Olbia does is best to satisfy the passengers needs and makes up a lot of great offers to help people save money for their trips. If a friend picks you up from the airport and until you come he shops something, he will not have to pay for parking.