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Olbia Tourist Attractions

Olbia is situated in Sardinia, the second largest island from Mediterranean Sea which belongs to Italy. Sardinia`s neighbors are the Italian mainland, Sicily, Spanish Balearic Islands and Tunisia.

The island has some spectacular scenery with a lot of attractions, like the white sandy beaches, lakes and rivers, hidden rocky coves and mountain villages. Roman and Phoenician occupation left marks around 1000 BC when they started. There are only 56.000 inhabitants in the town of Olbia which has been since the days of the Romans. It is the economic centre of Sardinia and many tourists come to enjoy the azure sea, take baths and feel good. Some of the most interesting places for the tourists are the ruins and archaeological finds which date back to the Carthaginian and Phoenician settlements just like Roman finds.

One of the most visited monuments is the Riu Mulinu nuraghe, the Punic wall between via Acquedotto and Torino. Olbia is a great place for your holidays because it combines seaside with cultural highlights and your vacation will be unforgettable.

On a mount which has been used in Carthaginian times sits the fabulous Romanesque Basilica of San Simplicio and dates since the 11th and 12th century and it has been build over a Roman temple. Some tourists who go to Olbia would like to stop their thirst for knowledge and they go to visit the National Archaeology Museum and the Church of St. Paul the Apostle, and others say that the number one tourist`s attraction are the beaches. Olbia also has some wonderful beaches like Marinella, lo Suqalo, Bados, Pittulongu, Costa Romantica, Poltu Casu and Porto Istana and they attract to their azure waters and white sand thousands of visitors.

Around Olbia is the Gallura region, where throughout the year are hosted many festivals about the fruit harvesting and in September there are great festivals about grape harvesting, where visitors can taste the excellent wines of Sardinia, some great attractions for the wine drinkers. In Gallura are also hosted many religious festivals. Olbia is a great place, of mixture of ancient and new, of partying and knowledge and of clubs and restaurants. I Olbia you can find a lot of great places where you eat great Sardinian food. There also are a lot of clubs visited by tourists at night for partying. Sardinia is well known for its beautiful women, clubs and the fun you can have at night. It is a special place preferred by a lot of European tourists because of the great monuments it can offer, the culture and the fabulous azure Mediterranean Sea.

In day-time you will find a lot of local shops open with a huge amount of products in places like Coso Umberto and viale A. Moro where you can buy furniture, fashion clothes at a low price, DIY supplies and you will also find a lot of supermarkets, cocktail bars and cafes. In order to keep the tourists interested in culture, there also is a lot of live music and some outstanding museums that will amaze you.

To visit the plentiful attractions from Gallura you must rent a car. Renting a car does not only provide you the advantage of low costs and less time to get to your destinations, but if you drive on some mountain roads, you will see amazing views that will let you amazed. The view from the cliffs at Costa Smeralda is absolutely unforgettable and it will make a pleasure from driving. In Olbia you can also find some wonderful marine parks with a great number of species, and the villas on the hills are another thing that makes the tourists interested in Olbia. Olbia is a special place for your vacation where you will have fun and learn usefull things.