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Oblia Airport is one of the largest airports in the whole of Europe and Italy in general. Italy has a good road network that stretches over to the airport and surrounding areas. Getting to the airport by road is usually very easy as there are good links hence driving to the airport is usually a smooth ride. Road directions to the airport and to the other destinations are got at the airport or the passengers can access the internet maps such as Google maps. Drivers especially the passengers who hire cars from the airport should ensure that they have adequate rood information to reduce chances of getting lost.

Olbia airport is on the southern side of Olbia city and North of Sardinia. Passengers in Oblia city can us the southern bypass to the airport. The distance is 3km and it takes one about 25 minutes to get to the airport. However the time changes as at times the traffic congestion on the road is usually high especially during the peak times whereby one may spend more time. This route is frequently plied by shuttle buses and taxis. The buses charge fairly as compared to the taxis. However one should ensure that they have ample time allowance to cater for the disruptions. Getting to the airport from Sardinia city requires one to use the northern bypass from the city to the airport. This route is usually very busy as it connects the airport to other destinations in the wider northern region .The bus companies and individual taxis are the main transport service providers along this road. The two transport modes are usually very effective as their terminals are usually in the departure terminal of the main airport building. Travelling using the taxis is more comfortable as compared to the buses but however their choice is mainly dependent on the financial status of the passenger.

The airport connection links to other cites such as Sassari, Palau and Tempio Pausanias cities may be accessible by taking a right turn from the main airport gate. This route is however not very busy as most of the travelers usually travel towards the main cities as most business programs and attraction sites are located in the main cities. Accessing the airport from the main railway station by road one only requires to board any charter bus to the airport. Those travelling from the railway station use the southern bypass to access the airport. Choosing the best travel route should be done so that one reduces the time spent on the road to avoid time wastage.

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