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Olbia Airport Transfers & Taxis

Outside the Olbia Airport you can find Taxi`s rank close to the Arrivals hall. The road to the town of Olbia from the airport by taxi will cost you around 15 euro. Olbia`s minimum fare taxis is 3.5 euro, after it decreases to 2.6 euro for the first 5 kilometers, and from the first five kilometers till 35 kilometers, the charge is set at 1.9 euro per kilometer. After 35 kilometers, you will be charged with only 1 euro/ km.

Like in every other country, prices start growing in the night, and in Sardinia the raise values 25% from 10 pm to 6 am. This rule applies to public holidays when the 25% raise is added in the taximeter fare. If you want to hire a taxi for a whole day and the driver must wait for you, you will be charged with 60 euro for every hour the driver waited. Travelling with taxis is much more convenient than busses or trains because you arrive much faster, and it is much more comfortable for people who have children or many pieces of luggage. The price is affordable and it is 15 euro well spent because if you want to arrive in time at a station or at the airport, you should try to call a taxi. People who are getting picked up from town center to go to the airport have to pay an extra 3 euro fee.

Cities from Sardinia are connected by trains, which are available from 5 to 7 times per day. You wouldn`t want to miss your train, because you will have to wait a few hours and you must arrive to the station earlier, to buy the train ticket, find the platform and get into a suitable compartment.

In Olbia there aren`t only normal taxis which can provide you services, you can also hire a limousine or a chauffeur-driven vehicles. The fresh married couples or groups of business travelers are hiring this kind of vehicles.

Getting a taxi from the Olbia Airport to the town of Olbia is a very good way to travel, because it can cost you only 15 euro, and it will be much faster and much comfortable than any other kind of public transport. Because of the fact that the public transport is unavailable after evening, taxis are the most called during nights, when people get out to party and have fun and they don`t have any other way to return to their apartments.